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13/5/14 - My favourite foam pads are the 25 x 12 mm. Very versatile!

12/1/14 - Alice - ‏I use your products in my work all the time - great quality! :)

22/12/13 - Love your products and use them a lot, will certainly be buying more in the future. Thanks for folowing me. Merry Christmas x

10/12/13 - We are rather addicted to the @stix_2 wrapping seals from the Christmas box! They don't make our scissors sticky!

11/10/13 - Craig Laird ‏-If your a crafter then you must use @stix_2 adhesive. I use them for all my Tonic Studio cards. Best adhesive ever!

21/6/14 - Great prices great sticky stuff better than any as seen on tv craft channel

4/2/13 - woohoo, just placed my first order with Stix2. Special offer in this months Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine.

30/1/13 - Victoria Jamieson - Great service from @stix_2 And the Pick Up Pencil - fab idea!

13/5/14 - Anne – I'm not sure who I spoke to on the telephone last Thursday but I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for getting those bags out to me so quickly.FANTASTIC SERVICE!!

18/8/14 - Angela Clark - After cardwell garden centre ive made loads of stuff for our schoo's recycled fashion show and told everyone about you. X