Acid Free – Adhesives which are not acid based, as acid based tapes can yellow over time.

Adhesives – Something that can stick fast or with ease to a surface.

Artist Tape – Tape for framing and hinging art; it has a smooth matt surface and is acid free so it will not yellow over time.

ATG Dispensers – ATG Tape Dispensers allow quick, easy and accurate application of ATG tape.

ATG Transfer Tape – Pressure sensitive double-sided tape that can be repositioned.


Border Tape – Border tape is designed and used for decoration in framing.

Borderline Tape – Acid free and repositionable tape, used to decorate mounts in framing.


Clear Foam Tapes & Pads – Completely clear foam adhesives that are used for mounting, layering, 3D effects and card making.

Clip Strips – An eye level display mechanism that enables many of the same small products to be displayed clearly.

Craft Foam Pads – A permanent and acid free adhesive used for layering, mounting, card making and 3-D effects.

Craft Glue Dots – Small adhesive dots that will stick to almost any surface; they leave behind virtually no mess.


Die Cut Card Shapes – Coloured card shapes cut by machine, which are used for card making and gift tags.


Eurohole – The standard size hole for all hanging packaging in Europe, its measurements are 32 mm x 6.5 mm x 9 mm.


Finishings – Items which add the ‘final touches’ in the decorative process. This could range from beads or glitter to ribbons.


Glue Glider Pro – The GlueGlider Pro is a hand held device which makes applying double sided tape easy.

Glue Guns – Glue guns are used to apply thermoplastic adhesive.

Gum Paper Tape – Gum paper tape is an environmentally friendly option when sealing packaging which still works well at high temperatures.


Hang Tabs – Enable you to hang products neatly on display at eye level in a store.

High Tack – If a tape is ‘high tack’, it means that it is a very sticky, permanent tape which is not repositionable.

Hook and Loop – Another name for velcro tape, hook refers to the rough strip and loop refers to the soft side.

Hot Melt Glue Sticks – Hot Melt Glue Sticks contain no solvents or water, they rely on heating to melt and they set when cooled.


Inkjet Printer – A domestic printer whish prints by using minute dots of ink.


Laser Printer – Industrial, commercial or office based printers which are used to print on a large scale.

Low Tack – If a tape is ‘low tack’, it will be less sticky; allowing repositioning or removal without leaving too much residue.


Mat Decoration Tapes – Acid free, self-adhesive tape that is specially designed to decorate mounts when mounting art in a frame.

Micron – An abbreviation for the unit Micrometer. 1 Micron is the equivalent length to 0.001 millimeters. There are 1,000 Microns in 1 mm.

Mount – A thick, high quality cardboard which is often white or ivory and is used to surround a piece of artwork in a frame.

Mount and Stamp – A repositionable, adhesive foam which is used to stick ink stamps to an acrylic block so that they can be easily inked and stamped.


Paper Tape – Used to mount pieces of art and to seal frames.

Photo Corners – Photo corners are adhesive triangles which will hold a photo in place without applying an adhesive directly to the photo. They are acid free, easy to use and give a vintage look too.

Pick Up Pencil – A sticky ‘pencil’, used to pick up small finishings such as gems stones, beads or glitter, which can prove to be frustrating to pick up otherwise.

Polypropylene Bags – These are see-through bags ideal for packaging greeting cards and pictures.

PVA – (Polyvinyl Acetate) Glue is a type of water based glue used for sticking different materials together, most commonly paper and card.

Residue – The sticky substance left on a surface when adhesive tape is removed. High tack tape will leave a lot of residue and low tack tape will leave none or little residue.


Rolls Per Carton (RPC) – A quantity, the number of rolls of tape per carton. A particular tape may only be available for purchase in whole carton quantities.


Seed Bee’d – These are small, multi-coloured plastic beads used for decoration.

Self-Adhesive – An adhesive that does not need moisture to stick to a surface but often requires pressure to be applied.

Silicon Adhesive – Also known as Silicon Glue, it’s an adhesive which is water resistant.

Stretch Loop – An elastic, gold or silver string used for decoration, often in gift wrapping.


Tape Pens – These apply tape directly with ease and no mess. The tape is acid free so it will not discolour and turn yellow. It is ideal for card making, crafts and adhering photos.

Textured Mounting Sheets – A canvas textured sheet, with a self-adhesive backing, that can be printed on to and then mounted directly.

Thermoplastic Adhesive – A plastic adhesive, which must be melted before application and will form a bond once cooled.

Transfer Foil – Thin coloured foil sticks to an adhesive surface adding colour to the sticky area. It is easy to use and are mess free.


UV – (Ultra Violet) Light is invisible rays of light, present in sunlight, that cause materials to weaken or adhesives to yellow and lose their stick.

UV Resistant – A tape or adhesive which does not degrade when exposed to UV light.

Wobblers – These are plastic strips which provide effective shelf edge advertising for products. One end of the wobbler is stuck to the shelf edge and the other to a small advert. They can have T shaped or round ends.


Wrap Fixers – Wrap fixers are clear, circular, single sided sticky disks that that are used for sealing letters or clear card bags.