Homemade Halloween Décor & Costumes

Posted By: Jordan 6th September 2023

The Spooky Season is upon us, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! October is the perfect excuse to dust of the cobwebs (or incorporate them) from your craft box and get tinkering to create some trick-or-treat projects in the run up to Halloween!

Many people pick up the crafting bug around this time of year, often sighting homemade Halloween costumes as the kick start to their creative journey. Think back to our own Halloween experience- was there ever a time you DIDN’T include handmade costumes or decorations into your spooky experiences?

Here at Stix2, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite creepy creations from our Demonstration Team to help inspire you and show Halloween is not just for kids- but gosh! It really does make for happy childhood memories!

Trick-or-treating has British Celtic roots!

What many people don’t know is that trick-or-treating can be dated back to pre-Christian roots in Scotland and Ireland. They celebrated the Celtic festival named ‘Samhain’,  on 31st October – 1st November – which marked the start of winter.

Later the Catholic Church deemed this occasion to be ‘All Saints Day’, in which spirits of fairies and the dead would visit villagers.

Soon after people began to dress as these sprites and here in lies the roots of one theory of the origins of Halloween!

Halloween goodie bags

Throughout most of our lives we will have experienced the phenomenon of trick-or-treating, knocking door-to-door on neighbours asking for sweeties, whilst showcasing our outfits – it’s arguable the best part of Halloween!

There’s such a sense of community and its fun all for the family! – a wonderful tradition for all and the perfect time to be artistic!

The must have item for your trick-or-treating experience is the goodie bag!

Often overlooked in the run up to Halloween but the sweetie carrier is vital for your scary stroll! – unless you’ve very deep pockets in your costume!

Stix2 Kraft Bags make the perfect carrier for your treats, ready to use or the ideal blank canvas for devilish decorations.

What better way to build on the excitement, than to have your little monsters design their own goodie bags?! They could even make one to match their outfit!

We’ve transfer foils, PA glue, clear double sided tapes, glitter, and spray paints on offer. So your well and truly covered for every eerie art request your happy Halloweener may ask for!

Special thanks for Elaine Mellor for her terrific treat bags

Creative Costumes

The planning that goes into costumes and activities can sometimes be overwhelming, but the best part about this holiday is that handmade ALWAYS leads to best dressed!

You could always buy a premade costume and embellish it?? Our Fabric Spray Paints are fast drying so, they are super handy for any last-minute blood spatters or adding colourful drama to a garment.

Oh! and where would you be without the Stix2 Fabric glue pen this Allhallows Eve!?– the pocket sided repair tool for any last min costume amendments.

And if your really struggling, you can always delve into the back of the wardrobe with some scissors and emerge as a werewolf!

Halloween Decorations

There’s no limits to the fun that can be had with Halloween decorations!

From cobwebbed gardens, skeletons handing in the hall and pumpkins on the porch. The horrifying hallmarks of a haunting Halloween is all in the crafting!

If you’re going for maximum thrills, the Stix2 Adhesive Range is a must stop place to shop! We can think of nothing worse that constructing a haunted house to have it fall apart due to ill sticking tape or poor adhesive.

We currently have a Card & Paper Bundle of sale which works as a great started pack for assembling your scary décor.

28 A4 Sheets for only £7.50!

Here at Stix2 we pride ourselves on our wide range of hobby and craft supplies and guarantee we are the best match for your manufacturing this monster season!

Special thanks to Michelle Johnson for her wicked decoration designs!