Silicone Glue 50ml - PROMOSILICONE - 20% Discount

£3.95 £3.15

Silicone Glue 50ml – PROMOSILICONE – 20% Discount

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£3.95 £3.15

Ideal for use on metal, glass, ceramic, wood, plastics and card. Great for decoupage and mosaic. The silicone glue has a fine plastic nib for the end to apply to the end of the tube. When dry it gives you a permanent bond so your project wont fall apart. Before use pierce top with cap.
Do not apply to damp, dirty surfaces, or recently decorated or delicate surfaces.
Join surfaces immediately.

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Shaz Brooks

5 out of 5

Another awesome Stix2 product. Easy to use, no mess, no smell. Also does not dry in the tube, unlike some brands I've tried. I also store some in a syringe, for adding tiny gemstones etc to cards, never dries out on me, as long as the syringe has a cap, of course. Perfect product when you want to stick something to an uneven surface, ie Glitter card/paper. It grips with no problem, no discolouring or showing through.

Jackie Roberts

5 out of 5

I can't recommend this adhesive enough. It lasts a long time and can be sealed and opened again to be used over time for lots of different jobs. I've tried all types of glue previously to stick plastic and wooden pieces to card and none of them do the job as well as this, raising them from the background as well.


5 out of 5

Been using the product for quite a while. Extremely useful

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